Junior Challenge Program

This is a series of 4 indoor group lessons for junior golfers (4 in a group).  Each Saturday’s lesson lasts 45 minutes to an hour.  We begin with warm ups and exercises.  Then we work on the technique that is involved in the day’s SkyTrak challenge.  We end with the SkyTrak challenge.

The program starts Saturday, January 13 at 10:00am and runs for 4 consecutive Saturdays.  The cost per junior is $80.

Contact jan@jankleimangolf.com to reserve your junior’s spot.  (There are only 4 spots available.)


Indoor Lessons Now Available at Ironwood

The net is up, and we now have indoor golf lessons at Ironwood!

Winter is the best time to make improvements to your technique.  You can do this indoors where it is easier to stay focused on the movement you make.  Then when spring arrives, you are already well on your way to an improved ball flight.  New golfers can get a head start on learning fundamentals like grip, posture, ball position and pivot.

Thirty minute lessons inside this winter are $30.

Would you like to use SkyTrak (launch monitor) during the lesson?  We can do that in a 45 minute lesson for $60.  SkyTrak gives you information like spin, distance and direction.

Contact jan@jankleimangolf.com to schedule.